On May 1867 Emperor Maximilian was captured by troops of Benito Juarez in Queretaro and executed on June 19.

Between May 1867 to July 1868 Hidalgo issues of 1856 - 1861 were overprinted with "MEXICO" in gothic characters were used for postage.

When the stock was exhausted a special issue was made in 1867, printed using the old plates on thin gray blue paper with the "R.P.S." watermark. With very few exceptions, these stamps were used in Mexico D.F. only.

The provisional stamps derived from the 1856 - 1861 Hildago issues are known to have been  used in ACAPULCO, CORDOBA, GUADALAJARA, JALAPA, LAGOS, MARAUMO, MONTERREY, MORELIA, ORIZAVA and PUEBLA. They are exceedingly rare.

The postal rates of 1857 remained in effect during the Provisional Period.

1867:  4 Reales red without district name.
FRANCO / EN / CANDELA oval cancel.


1867, JUN 10:  PUEBLA to VERA CRUZ
1/2 Real black on buff and strip of 4 of 4 reales
black on yellow.

1867, JUN 30:  PEROTE to PUEBLA
Franked with 1 real black on green with JALAPA
district overprint.