For more than ten years now I have been afforded the opportunity to do the physical layout of various collections for competitive exhibition held under the patronage of  the Inter-Asian Philatelic Federation  (F.I.A.P.)  and the Federation of International Philately (F.I.P.). 

After attending several regional and world philatelic competitions I came to realized that only the lucky few are able to view the collections on display. Apart from the country commissioners and jurors, the five other groups of people directly associated with the hobby that get to attend the exhibits are the exhibitors, the collectors of the host country, those with the resources necessary to travel to the country where the exhibit is being held, dealers and postal administration representatives. Those who cannot attend for one reason or another miss the opportunity  to view the exhibits specially those relevant to their  collecting interests.

In one of the exhibits that I attended my close friend David Chiong brought up the idea of a web site for Asian based collectors. It was conceived in late 1997 and preparatory work started during the first quarter of 1998. However, work on the site was set aside when my attention was focused on the creation of the Philippine Philatelist, a site devoted to the propagation of Philippine philately.

Having achieved that, THE ASIAN PHILATELIST  was given life. I hope this site will be the answer to your desire to view the collections that you failed to see on display in one of the competitive exhibits held around Asia. The collections are categorized in their respective exhibit class. Materials in each collection is presented in same manner that they were originally displayed. The only adjustment  made is that  many of the pages herein contain more materials that the usual single exhibit page.

Some of the collections have been disposed by the owners, either as entire collections or broken up through public auctions or direct sale. Therefore, they will never be again seen again in the original format that they were last put on display.

I will also be including several collections that will never be entered in a competitive exhibit. Initially, the owners have reserved the viewing to a selected few. I thank them for their generosity for allowing the collecting public to view their wonderful collections.

Please consider sharing your collection with the rest of the world. The essence of this hobby  is sharing what we have and what we know. This is the only way that we can be assured of the continued growth of the hobby.

The initial contents of the site are the collections that I help prepare. If you have questions about a particular collection please feel free to communicate with me or directly to the owner of the collection. Any comments, suggestions or corrections especially those coming from experts will be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Manila, Philippines
June 7, 2003